Friday, August 12, 2016

150th Anniversary of the Chisolm Trail Celebration in Abilene, Kansas

Love the history of the western cattle drives?  Want to see a herd of longhorn being driven to the railway cars and loaded?  Come to Abilene!  On September 2nd, 3rd and 4th Abilene will host Trails, Rails & Tales.

Every wonder why the cattle drives started?  And why the cowboy stories, though recognized all around the world as uniquely American stories, cover only a short time in our national history? Why did ranchers take the risks of running thousands of head of cattle through dangerous and lawless territory?  And what changed so that the cattle drives were discontinued?

Abilene is the center of it all this year.  Don't miss it!

On Saturday, several member of the Kansas Alliance of Professional Historical Performers will work together to tell the stories surrounding the cattle drives and the people whose lives depended on this high risk venture.  Joseph McCoy came up with a plan to help Texans who were unemployed and starving after the Civil War by finding a market for the millions of longhorn cattle that were starving in the Texas heat.  By finding a trail to the newly opened up railways, the longhorn could be sold to hungry city dwellers in the growing cities of Chicago and beyond to the east.  Follow the true today as it was in 1867!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Recognition of the "Last Four Stars" on the American Civil War Memorial at Waterloo

Photo courtesy of Darlene Duprey.  

The American Civil War Memorial Committee and the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War thank you for making our 150th such a success in Waterloo!  I was honored to have you and your characters respresent our final "Last Four Stars" on the American Civil War Memorial during the Reconciliation Program.

Second from the left is Norman Joy as Robert E. Lee.  Norman is a member of the Kansas Alliance of Professional Historical Performers.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nell Donnelly-Reed to perform at Old Soldiers and Sailors Reunion in Erie, Kansas

The Old Soldiers and Sailors have been meeting in Erie, Kansas for a reunion and bean feed since the years just after the war between the states.  Originally, only Union soldiers could attend but over the years, of course, the rules have changed.

Nell Donnelly-Reed will bring her story to the event this year.  Nell was the woman behind the Nelly Don dress label, the largest employer in the Kansas City Garment District of Kansas City, Missouri.

The Parsons Sun newspaper released a great story about this upcoming event.  Follow this Link to read the full story.  Come!  Free to the public!  Lots to do and see in Erie this weekend!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


On the lawn at the Tennant-Baker House
Historical Interpreters George and Diane Bernheimer bring their imaginative presentation in the personas of the Reverend Thomas and Sarah Johnson to the Tennant-Baker House in Troy on June 30, at 6:30pm. The Johnson's, married in Missouri just before Thomas' assignment as a missionary to the Shawnee Indians in 1830, would begin to raise a family in relative peace on the western frontier before being taken up in church schism, the politics of "Bleeding Kansas", and family tragedy in the Civil War.
The Bernheimer's are independent historical researchers living in Topeka, Kansas. First becoming involved in Civil War research and reenacting in 1995, they later developed a keen interest in the people and times of the Kansas Territorial era of 1854 to 1861. George says that "we research and introduce our audiences to usually lesser known individuals of our history that had an impact in their time. The Johnson's are an example. You're likely familiar with the name, but you're not sure why."  The Bernheimer's are members of the Kansas Alliance of Professional Historic Performers, Volunteers In Parks (National Park Service), and the Shawnee County Historical Society. George is the current Vice President of the SCHS and Diane serves on the board of the Blackjack Battlefield and Nature Park.
Bring your lawn chairs or blankets and join us for an evening of entertaining history on the lawn of the Tennant-Baker House on the Square in Troy. Special thanks to the Historical Society for letting us use the space. For additional information call Becky Etherton, Library District #1 Doniphan, Co at 785 985-2597.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Kansas Sampler Festival 2016 was a Big Success!

John Ritchie, Radical of Radicals stopping by at the Kansas Sampler Festival in Winfield, Kansas
We had a wonderful weekend in Winfield, Kansas performing for the audiences at Kansas Sampler Festival.  This photo was taken shortly after the rains subsided on Sunday afternoon.

You have one more opportunity to see us at a Sampler Festival as 2017 will be the last year before the event is changed to a different format.  It will be the first weekend in May, 2017 in Winfield, Kansas.  Plan to come see us!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Great Day on Historical Fort Riley!

Recruiting for General George Washington's Army

Thank you to Erin Ritter and the MWR staff who hosted us on Saturday at the Fort Riley Conference Center!  We had a wonderful time and met families and soldiers who were interested in Kansas and Kansas history!

Kansas Sampler Festival May 7th and 8th in Winfield, Kansas

Come see us!  We'll be at the shelter house on the west edge of the park in Winfield throughout the two day event.  The program you receive at the gate lists our schedule of rotating performances throughout the day.  Stroll by or stop to sit and listen a while!  Find out what wonderful stories from history are available for your next event!

Friday, March 4, 2016

LvngHstry at Grinter Place on Saturday, March 12

George and Diane  Bernheimer - will be performing at the Grinter House Historic Site ( ) as Hiero and Elizabeth Wilson in their presentation "From Frontier Post to Thriving Community".  The presentation gives an account of the Wilson's life in Fort Scott, Kansas, a town which had its beginnings as an army post on the western frontier on what was then the western edge of the United States . Their story continues through the turbulent times of "Bleeding Kansas" when Fort Scott had been abandoned by the army and transitioned into a civilian community, and into its rebirth as a military center during the Civil War.  The presentation which will begin at 11:00am , is being presented as part of the Grinter Place "Saturdays by the Stove" series, is free and open to the public.
--   George W.  &  Diane Bernheimer   LvngHstry ~ Bringing the People of Our Past into the Present    "A morsel of genuine history is a thing so rare as to be always valuable." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to Joh n Adams, 1817      

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Alliance Members Offer Guidance To New Historical Performances in the Making

Several members of the Alliance of Professional Historical Performers gathered in Admire, Kansas last weekend to listen and counsel as two aspiring performers brought their stories for critique.

Great learning session for all!  We wish these two new performers the best as they work on adding material and defining their context to be ready to join the alliance.