The Fashion Revolution of Nell Donnelly-Reed


Nell Donnelly-Reed was born into an Irish Catholic immigrant family in Parsons, Kansas.  She became the second self-made woman millionaire in America by her twenty seventh birthday.  The Nelly Don dress label became the largest employer in the Kansas City Garment District; manufacturing over 5,000 dresses per day and employing 1,200 seamstresses.  

But, Nell's story isn't all about fabrics and fashion and generous employee benefit plans.  In 1931, "pikers" kidnapped Nell demanding a $75,000 ransom until the organized mob of Kansas City were motivated to join the effort to find her.   And even that is not as intriguing as the story of Nell's relationship with the Senator next door; Democratic Presidential Candidate and one time mayor of Kansas City, Missouri; James A. Reed.   

Nell is portrayed by Kitty Frank. 


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