Friday, March 4, 2016

LvngHstry at Grinter Place on Saturday, March 12

George and Diane  Bernheimer - will be performing at the Grinter House Historic Site ( ) as Hiero and Elizabeth Wilson in their presentation "From Frontier Post to Thriving Community".  The presentation gives an account of the Wilson's life in Fort Scott, Kansas, a town which had its beginnings as an army post on the western frontier on what was then the western edge of the United States . Their story continues through the turbulent times of "Bleeding Kansas" when Fort Scott had been abandoned by the army and transitioned into a civilian community, and into its rebirth as a military center during the Civil War.  The presentation which will begin at 11:00am , is being presented as part of the Grinter Place "Saturdays by the Stove" series, is free and open to the public.
--   George W.  &  Diane Bernheimer   LvngHstry ~ Bringing the People of Our Past into the Present    "A morsel of genuine history is a thing so rare as to be always valuable." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to Joh n Adams, 1817      

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