Wednesday, August 19, 2015

If You Thought It Was All About Music.....Think Again

The Orchestra on the Oregon Trail Event is coming soon.  Get your tickets before they sell out!

Here is a listing of the historical performances leading up to the main event which is a performance by the Topeka Symphony Orchestra.  We will be in the "Humanities Meadow" throughout the afternoon.

Don Welborn, Cowboy Poet
Leslie D. Vilda, Historical Interpreter
Jan Pope as Sarah Keyes (a member of the Donner party who was buried at Alcove Springs)
Steve McPhail as Johnny Appleseed
George and Diane Bernheimer as Reverend Thomas and Sarah Johnson
A photo walk with Scott Bean
Dr. Joyce Thierer as "Grower", a woman of the Earth Lodge People

and of course, me as Kittie Hays.

Come spend the day in a beautiful setting you may never have seen before, with many choices of entertainment all packed into an exciting local event.

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