Kittie Hays Houghton: Fortune and Loss on the Santa Fe Trail

Kittie Hays Houghton is the adopted daughter of Seth Hays, the famous trader and frontiersman who made his fortune at Council Grove, Kansas Territory along the Road to Santa Fe.  Kittie spent her childhood underfoot at the trading post.  Seth Hays was the great-grandson of Daniel Boone and a fifty year old gruff frontiersman and business man when he walked across the street with Sarah Taylor, a free black woman who worked alongside him in his business.  Together they raised Kittie in the years before the railway reached Council Grove.

Kittie's stories delve into the risks and rewards of the heavy freighting industry as it evolved over time and distance and the entrepreneurs who were drawn to it's promise of fortune.  

Kittie Hays Houghton is portrayed by Kitty Frank


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